01. A bomb has [exploded] at a train station in Ulster, Northern Ireland, killing 4 people.
02. We heard a loud [explosion], and then turned around in time to see the car burst into flames.
03. This material is quite [explosive], and should be handled with extreme caution.
04. This country's population [exploded] during the 1950s, a time now known as the Baby Boom.
05. Her father [exploded] when he found out that she was pregnant.
06. Police and firemen were working to put out the fire caused by the bomb blast when a second [explosion] rocked the building.
07. The children [exploded] into laughter at the sight of the monkey.
08. Arthur Hoppe once remarked that we all worry about the population [explosion], but we don't worry about it at the right time.
09. The [explosion] of the volcano Krakatoa was 25 times more powerful than the biggest ever nuclear [explosion].
10. Some foods can [explode] in the microwave, due to trapped steam.
11. Massive stars eventually die in tremendous [explosions] that destroy the star.
12. The layer of gas that spreads out from a nova [explosion] can be travelling at speeds of 5 million miles per hour.
13. Karl Marx believed that religion serves to hold in check the [explosive] tensions of a society.
14. In the rainy season in Indonesia, tremendous walls of water almost seem to [explode] from the sky.
15. In 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine [exploded].
16. More than 190 nuclear devices have been [exploded] in French Polynesia by the French government.
17. In 1978, an Air India jumbo jet [exploded] in mid-air near Bombay, killing 213 people.
18. On February 3rd, 1945, United States airplanes dropped 3,000 tons of [explosives] on the German city of Berlin.
19. [Explosive] population growth and overuse of natural resources in China are causing habitat for wildlife to vanish.
20. Certain birds migrate thousands of miles each year to raise their young on the brief [explosion] of insect populations in the Arctic region.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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